SaddleBrooke Men's Nine Hole Golf League


  1. Each member will receive an Arizona Golf Association (AGA) Golf Handicap Information Network (GHIN) membership number upon payment of the SBMN annual dues. GHIN numbers carry over for renewing memberships. The AGA establishes and maintains the GHIN Handicap Index for members after submitting a minimum of six 9 hole or three 18-hole scores. Handicaps are utilized to determine net scores for the purpose of distributing event awards. The GHIN handicaps are updated daily.
  2. Event Eligibility: All members who wish to play in an SBMN event and participate in event awards must have an established USGA Handicap Index. Those who have not established a GHIN Handicap Index may participate in Individual Stoke Play Events only and will not be charged the $5.00 entry fee. Once a GHIN Handicap Index has been established you will be eligible for all events and will be charged the $5.00 Entry Fee.
  3. The SaddleBrooke Homeowners Association #1 (SBHOA1) requires acceptable golf attire while playing golf. Tee shirts, Blue Denim or cut-offs are not allowed.
  4. League play will be scheduled from the first Wednesday of November to the last Wednesday in September, pending course availability.
  5. The SBMN publish an 11-month calendar of organized golf events of varied formats for play on Wednesdays on the HOA1 courses - SaddleBrooke, Tucson and Catalina. The course designated for each tournament is decided by the Pro Shop. Tournaments may also be arranged with other nine-hole organizations on a home–and-home basis as part of the SBMN calendar of events.
  6. Weekly tournament sign-ups must be done using Golf Genius. Sign-ups must be entered prior to 8:00 pm Sunday preceding Wednesdays’ event. Special events may require sign-up on the SBMN bulletin board.
  7. Guests of members can be included in SBMN tournaments with the host member under the following conditions.
    1. The event format is individual stroke play.
    2. The request to include a guest must be made to the tournament chairman prior to the close of registration for the event.
    3. The guest will not be confirmed until all SBMN have registered and there is still space available.
    4. The guest must be a male 18 years or older.
    5. Guests do not qualify for prize money nor are they charged the tournament fee.
  8. To cancel prior to the Sunday cutoff date use Golf Genius to cancel your play. You will not be charged the $5 tournament fee.
  9. The SBMN weekly $5.00 prize fee is automatically charged to the members' HOA1 house account for each Wednesday of play.
  10. Tournament awards are funded through the $5.00 prize fee paid by each participating member. The total prize awards will be determined by the money collected for each tournament. Prize awards are in the form of credits maintained by the HOA1 Pro Shop and must be used in the calendar year earned.
  11. Procedures for the day-of-play:
    1. Arrive for play, pay green fees, and check in with the course starter no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled tee time. Players will receive final instructions for the day’s tournament format, any final foursome adjustments due to no-shows will be made and players will be instructed when to head out for their starting holes.
    2. SBMN members can play from any official tee or tee combination.  They must inform the tournament chairman of their tee selection before tournament set up is finalized.
    3. The tournament chairman will determine the pairings for the weekly competition.
    4. Tournament cancellation due to weather or other unforeseen situations will be determined by the Pro Shop or the tournament chairman before play begins. If inclement weather occurs during the tournament, each player will make their own decision on whether to continue playing. If at least one-half of the field completes the tournament it will be declared “finished” and the awards will be distributed.

    5. If the Pro Shop decides “cart path only” on the morning of the tournament, the tournament fee will not be collected for cancellations or “no-shows”.

    6. Players must declare a score on every hole after putting out.

    7. If a golfer completes less than seven holes during the tournament, he will be considered withdrawn. If a golfer completes seven or eight holes but not the full nine, his score on the uncompleted holes will be gross double par for tournament scoring purposes. For handicap purposes, per USGA rules, his score will be posted using net par for the uncompleted holes.

    8. Following completion of nine holes, the scorecard holder will total players score, double check the addition, communicate and confirm results with other team members, print their name on score card and deposit it in the SBMN drawer behind the Pro Shop counter. Golf Genius is used and if there is a disparity in scores the score on the score card is the official score.

    9. Tournament results will be posted following the Wednesday tournament.

    10. Tournament golf scores will be posted to GHIN by the tournament chairman for all tournaments where the players own ball is played.
    11. Cell phones must be silenced or placed in vibrate mode. Accepting or making phone calls in the tee box or green area is prohibited.

  12. SBMN Rules of Play 

    1. Play is governed by USGA rules, including playing the ball as it lies, putting out all putts, and no mulligans.
    2. USGA standards will be used for calculation of individual and team handicaps.
    3. The following local rules are implemented to speed up play:

      1. The highest score to be entered on a hole is double-par.

      2. For a questionable lost or out of bounds ball, declare and hit a provisional ball, and add two strokes to the score (i.e., a tee shot provisional ball would be lying 3 & hitting 4). If the original shot is lost or out of bounds or declared unplayable (no provisional ball), drop a ball within two club lengths onto the fairway from where the ball was lost or entered the out of bounds and add two strokes to your score.
  13. Pace of Play
    1. “A round of golf is meant to be played at a prompt pace.” USGA Golf Rule 5.6b.

    2. That means members should:

      1. Prepare in advance for each stroke and be ready to play when it is your turn.
      2. Move from one place to another between strokes.
      3. Do not sit in the cart until it is your turn to hit.  Get out of the cart and walk reasonable distances to your ball, carrying a sand bottle and extra clubs so you will not have to return to the cart.  Take your putter when you are near the green.
      4. If you are ready to hit and no one is in the way, and it will not interfere with the play of other golfers in your group, play "ready golf" and hit away (Golf Rule 5.6b(2)).
      5. Use continuous putting.  When reaching the green, begin putting without waiting for everyone to arrive.
      6. Do not practice putt on a green during a hole.
      7. After you finish a hole, drive to the next tee before you mark your scorecard or return clubs to your bag.
    3. Expected Pace of Play
      The expected pace of play for each hole in the SBMN events will be printed on the tournament cards; for nine holes it is approximately two hours total.
      Members who do not complete our events within the time limits are needlessly delaying other participants in our events and compromising other golfers' access to the courses.
    4. Groups Out of Position
      Out of position means not keeping up with the group in front or exceeeding the posted times to complete play on each hole.  Players will be expected to keep up with the group in front of them and not exceed the posgted times on the cards.  All players must be within the pace of play.
    5. Procedure when a Group is Out of Position
      1. If a marshal sees that a group is out of position, the marshal will notify the group that it is out of position and that it must close the gap with the group ahead, and that the group's pace of play may be timed.
      2. A group that is out of position must play their next holes within the time specified on the tournament card for those holes and must make every reasonable effort to close the gap with the group ahead.
      3. Timing ceases when a group is back in position and players will be advised accordingly.
      4. If the marshal decides that the group has not played subsequent holes within the time allotted, the marshal may advise the group that it will be penalized as set out below, subject to recent mitigating circumstances (e.g. lost ball, unplayable ball, lengthy discussion over a rule, etc).
      5. Any penalty assessed under this rule may be appealed to the head golf professional (or assistant pro in their absence), and the tournament chairman.
        Penalty for Breach
        1. Penalty for first breach: warning from marshal,
        2. Penalty for second breach: players will be required to skip the next hole and take the maximum score on the hole.
        3. Refusing to follow the marshal's instructions, or showing disrespect to the marshal will result in a 30 day suspension for all SBMN events.
          Remedial Action
          1. The SBMN board may require any member who is repeatedly out of position, or who does not play at an acceptable pace of play, to participate in a Pace of Play class conducted by the golf professionals as a condition for participation in future SBMN events.
  14. If a player is not complying with the USGA Rules of Golf, or if there is a question regarding a player not declaring the correct score on a hole, bring the issue to the attention of the player before the next hole is played.  If the issue can be quickly resolved, enter the correct score and continue.  If the issue cannot be resolved quickly, finish the round, return to the pro shop and refer to the USGA Rule Book and/or the pro staff for final resolution.  Do not turn in a scorecard with unresolved issues.
  15. To maintain an appropriate handicap, you must post all rounds you play (except those in SBMN events) into the GHIN system.
  16. Refer to the SBMN website and documentation for additional information including tournament formats, rules, and special event information.