SaddleBrooke Men's Nine Hole Golf League


Board of Directors


Paul Belanger


(520) 273-4776

The president is the chief administrator of the league and presides over all meetings.  He appoints, with board approval, chairmen of committees.  He reports weekly to membership the tournament results and other pertinent news.  He works with the tournament chairman and treasurer to complete the tournament plan f0r all home and home tournaments.


Greg Diment

Vice President and Tournament Chairman

(269) 760-1608

The vice president assists the president and performs the duties of president in his absence.  The tournament chairman develops the annual calendar, works with the pro shop to establish weekly pairings and tee assignments, and tabulates the results of each tournament and distribution of awards.


Don Taylor

Secretary / Treasurer


The secretary/treasurer records all minutes of all meetings of the Board and of the general membership meeting.  He collects the annual dues of new and returning members and other monies as required, pays all bills owed by the league, and presents a financial report at the annual meeting.


Jay Love

Handicap / Rules Chairman


The handicap and rules chairman works with the president and tournament chairman to address member handicap issues and USGA or league rules violations.  He reviews league tournament rules whenever a new membership or general membership meeting is held.


Dennis Holt

Social Chairman


The social chairman coordinates all planning activities with the HOA1 banquet and room coordinator and food service representatives.  He coordinates the annual holiday luncheon and other designated social events of the league.


Nick Mares

Membership Chairman


The membership chairman establishes and maintains the membership registration form.  In concert with the president, he communicates with prospective members, establishes eligibility for membership, and works with the Arizona Golf Association as necessary to enroll and maintain league and GHIN membership.


Dave Lancaster

Sponsorship Chairman


The sponsorship chairman works with existing committees to organize lead fund raising activities.  He seeks out corporate and local businesses to obtain sponsorships to help fund league events.  He promotes local business engagement in league activities and helps place marketing materials with sponsorship logos at events that they sponsor.


Richard Spitzer

Technical Advisor and Assistant Tournament Chairman


The technical advisor assists members in effectively using league technology.  He also assists board members in consideration of technology.  The assistant tournament chairman performs the duties of the tournament chairman when the latter is unavailable.


Steve Kotke

Publicity Chairman

(612) 430-1575

The publicity chairman works closely with the president and produces articles for the community newsletters, emphasizing major events and SBMN happenings.


Tom Johnson

Assistant Rules and Handicap Chairman

(763) 248-8631

The assistant handicap and rules chairman works to address member handicap and USGA league rules issues.